UPUThe component is used to create the UPU barcode symbol. It's defined in the pUPU unit.

The UPU barcode symbology is used by the barcode supported system of tracking, which is able to inform the sender as well as the receiver permanently about the actual position of their consignment. For that all consignments will be provided with an UPU linear barcode. These barcodes will be each scanned from taking over the consignment at each change of means of transportation. The datas will be passed on to the relevant computers by means of telecommunication. The permanent data-input creates a curriculum vitae for each consignement questionable from customers.

It has the following structure:

  1. Service Indicators: 2 continuous digits or combination of letters, service indicators (prefixes) for internal services. Countries are free to use whatever service indicators (prefixes) they wish for internal service.
  2. Track Code: 10 continuous digits. Countries are free to use.
  3. Checking Digit: 1 digit for checking digit, If the AutoCheckDigit property is set to true, it can be set to a "?", or a digit from "0" to "9". The checking digit will be calculated automatically, and replace the dight you set in the barcode. If the AutoCheckDigit property is set to false, it can be only set to a dignt from "0" to "9".
  4. Country Code: Consists of two capital letters, corresponding ISO-standard " ISO 3166".
Technical Details:

(*): The Data property, OnInvalidDataLength and OnInvalidDataChar events are available only for the Delphi/C++ Builder 2009 or later.