Event: OnDrawBarcode

Occurs after representing the barcode symbol. Write an OnDrawBarcode event handler to modify the barcode symbol after it was represented.



{ Defined in the pBarcode2D unit }

TUserWorkArea = record
WCanvas: TCanvas;
WBarcode: string;
WBarColor: TColor;
WSpaceColor: TColor;
WModule: Integer;
WLeftInPixels: Integer;
WTopInPixels: Integer;
WAngle: Integer;
WShowQuietZone: Boolean;
WMirror: Boolean;
WAnsiBarcode: AnsiString;
WBarcodeLength: Integer;
WQuietZoneWidthInModules_Left: Integer;
WQuietZoneWidthInModules_Top: Integer;
WQuietZoneWidthInModules_Right: Integer;
WQuietZoneWidthInModules_Bottom: Integer;
WSymbolZoneWidthInModules: Integer;
WSymbolZoneHeightInModules: Integer;
WTotalWidthInPixels: Integer;
WTotalHeightInPixels: Integer;
WSymbolZoneOffsetInPixels_Left: Integer;
WSymbolZoneOffsetInPixels_Top: Integer;
WAlpha: Double;
WOrgin: TPoint;


{ Defined in the pBarcode2D unit }

PUserWorkArea = ^TUserWorkArea;

{ Defined in the pBarcode2D unit }

TOnDrawBarcode = procedure (Sender: TObject; Canvas: TCanvas; PWorkArea: PUserWorkArea) of object;

property OnDrawBarcode: TOnDrawBarcode;