How to add a logo to barcode symbol
  1. Put a TBarcode2D barcode component, such as the TBarcode2D_QRCode, TBarcode2D_DataMatrixEcc200, and TBarcode2D_GridMatrix to your form.

  2. Put a TLogo2D component to your form.

  3. Set the Barcode2D property of the TLogo2D component to the TBarcode2D barcode component.

  4. Add a logo picture to the Picture property of the TLogo2D component. The "bmp", "jpg"/"jpeg", "wmf", "emf", "ico", "png", "gif", and "tif"/"tiff" image formats are supported depend on the version of IDE.

  5. Change the properties of the TLogo2D component to adjust the size and position of the logo picture.

If your TBarcode2D barcode component has linked to a TImage control, the barcode symbol with logo will be displayed in it.

If you use the DrawTo method to draw the barcode symbol to canvas, the logo will be drawn with the barcode symbol.

If you use the Print method to print the barcode symbol to paper, the logo will be printed with the barcode symbol.

If you use the TSave2D saving component to save the barcode symbol to picture file, including TSave2D_Bmp, TSave2D_Gif, TSave2D_Jpg, TSave2D_Png, and TSave2D_Svg saving components, the logo will be saved with the barcode symbol. Note, the TSave2D_Wmf, TSave2D_Emf, and TSave2D_Eps saving components don't save the logo picture.