How to use the barcode components with QuickReport
  1. Put a barcode component, such as the TBarcode2D_QRCode, TBarcode2D_PDF417, and TBarcode2D_RSS14 to your form.

    Also, put a TDBBarcode2D component to the form and link the TBarcode2D component to the TDBBarcode2D component if the database support is required.

  2. Put a TQRImage or TQRGzImage control to your report.

  3. Set the Image property of the barcode component to the TQRImage or TQRGzImage control.

    You can link single TQRImage or TQRGzImage control to multiple TBarcode2D components in order to display multiple barcode symbols in the TQRImage or TQRGzImage control (using the LeftMargin and TopMargin properties to specify the position for every barcode symbol).


If the barcode symbol cannot be read, please don't reduce/stretch the barcode symbol (set the Stretch property to false). You can change the barcode symbol size by changing its Module property value.

Also, please check whether the TQRImage or TQRGzImage control is large enough to accommodate entire barcode symbol.