Property: EncodeMode


Specifies the data encoding mode for a Data Matrix (ECC 000 - 140) barcode symbol.



{ Defined in the pDataMatrix unit }

TDataMatrix_EncodeMode = (emAuto, emNumeric, emAlpha, emPunctuation, emAlphanumeric, emASCII, emBinary);

property EncodeMode: TDataMatrix_EncodeMode;


The Data Matrix (ECC 000 - 140) symbology offers six kinds of encoding mode, referred to as Numeric (Base 11), Alpha (Base 27), Alphanumeric (Base 37), Punctuation (Base 41), ASCII, and Binary respectively in decreasing order of encoding density. The property specifies which data encoding mode will be used.

The property can be one of these values (defined in the pDataMatrix unit):

The CurrentEncodeMode property can always be used to get the factual encoding mode.

See also the "Encoding modes" section in the "TBarcode2D_DataMatrix" article.