Property: MinVersion


Specifies the minimum version for a Compact Matrix barcode symbol.



{ Defined in the pCompactMatrix unit }

TCompactMatrix_Version = 1..32;

property MinVersion: TCompactMatrix_Version;


There are 32 vertical sizes of Compact Matrix symbol, referred to as version 1 to 32, in increasing order of symbol height and data capacity. The property specifies the minimum version for a Compact Matrix barcode symbol. It can be one of values from 1 to 32. They are defined in the pCompactMatrix unit.

The minimum version together with the minimum number of segments (specified by the MinSegments property) indicates the minimum symbol size for a Compact Matrix barcode symbol. And the maximum version (specified by the MaxVersion property) together with the maximum number of segments (specified by the MaxSegments property) indicates the maximum symbol size for the Compact Matrix barcode symbol. Based on the stretch order (specified by the StretchOrder property), the smallest symbol size that accommodates the barcode text will be automatically selected between the minimum symbol size and the maximum symbol size.

The CurrentVersion property can be used to get the factual version.

Note, if the property is set to a value greater than the MaxVersion property's value, the MaxVersion property will be automatically changed to equal to this property's value. In other words, the MinVersion property's value is always less than or equal to the MaxVersion property's value.

See also the "Symbol sizes" section in the "TBarcode2D_CompactMatrix" article.