Property: Options


The Options property is an advanced feature which allows low level control over data encoding for a PDF417 symbol.



{ Defined in the pPDF417Com unit }

TPDF417_Option = (poIgnoreShiftBeforeECI, poFirst903TextAlphaLatch, poFirst904TextMixedLatch, po906TextAlphaLatch, po907TextAlphaLatch, po908TextAlphaLatch, po910TextAlphaLatch, po912TextAlphaLatch, po914TextAlphaLatch, po915TextAlphaLatch, poFirstFNC1MatchAI01, poMicroPDF417Explicit901);

{ Defined in the pPDF417Com unit }

TPDF417_Options = set of TPDF417_Option;

property Options: TPDF417_Options;


For some reader, the encoding algorithm and meanings of some function codewords don't conform with the PDF417 specification. The property can be used to change the encoding algorithm and meanings of these fucntion codewords, in order to match the reader.

The following list describes the values that can be included in the Options property (defined in the pPDF417Com unit):

See also the "Character set", "Escape sequences", and "Extended Channel Interpretation (ECI)" sections in the "TBarcode2D_PDF417" article.