Property: StretchOrder


Specifies the priority order of selecing appropriate symbol size for a MicroPDF417 barcode symbol.



{ Defined in the pMicroPDF417 unit }

TMicroPDF417_StretchOrder = (soRowColumn, soColumnRow, soRowPrior, soColumnPrior, soGlobal_1, soGlobal_2, soGlobal_3, soGlobal_4);

property StretchOrder: TMicroPDF417_StretchOrder;


The property specifies a priority order in order to automatically select the symbol size for a MicroPDF417 barcode symbol. According to the priority order, the first symbol size that accommodates the barcode text will be automatically selected between the minimum symbol size (specified by the MinSize property) and the maximum symbol size (specified by the MaxSize property).

The property can be one of these values (defined in the pMicroPDF417 unit):

See also the "Symbol sizes" section in the "TBarcode2D_MicroPDF417" article.