Property: DataField

Specifies the field from which the TDBBarcode2D component represents barcode symbol.


property DataField: string;


Use DataField to bind the TDBBarcode2D component to a field in the dataset. To fully specify a data field, both the dataset and the field within that dataset must be defined. The DataSource property of the TDBBarcode2D component specifies the dataset which contains the data field. The data field should be specifed as a string, bytes, blob, memo, etc field.

When a TBarcode2D barcode component is linked to the TDBBarcode2D component, for Delphi/C++ Builder 2007 or early, the data field value will be applied to its Barcode property. For the Delphi/C++ Builder 2009 or later, the data field value will be applied to its Barcode or Data property, please use the BindProperty property to indicate which property the data field value will be applied to.

You can bind multiple TDBBarcode2D components to one data field in order to represent the data field with multiple barcode symbols.