Property: ColorDepth


Specifies the color depth of a Bitmap image (BMP) file for TSave2D_Bmp component.



{ Defined in the pSave2D_Bmp unit }

TBmpColorDepth = (bcdColors_01b, bcdColors_04b, bcdColors_08b, bcdColors_12b, bcdColors_15b, bcdColors_16b, bcdColors_24b, bcdColors_32b);

property Format: TBmpColorDepth;


Color depth, also known as bit depth, pixel format, is either the number of bits used to indicate the color of a single pixel. In a Bitmap image (BMP) file, the pixels can be defined by a varying number of bits. The property specifies which pixel format will be used to save a barcode symbol to a Bitmap image (BMP) file. It can be one of these value (defined in the pSave2D_Bmp unit):