Property: Show2DSeparator

Specifies whether to represent a 2D contiguous separator pattern on top of the RSS-14, RSS Limited, or RSS Expanded symbols.


property Show2DSeparator: Boolean;


An RSS barcode symbol (including RSS-14, RSS Limited, and RSS Expanded) can be used together with a CC-A or a CC-B 2D symbol to create the EAN.UCC composite symbol. A contiguous separator pattern is required between the RSS and the 2D symbols in an EAN.UCC composite symbol. The property specifies whether to draw the contiguous separator pattern on top of the RSS symbol, in order to create EAN.UCC composite symbol using the RSS symbol. See digiam (the color of separator patterns are changed to red in order to accentuate them):

Separator pattern of EAN.UCC Composite symbols

The height of contiguous separator pattern is specified by the SeparatorRowHeight (for RSS-14 and RSS Expanded components) and SeparatorRowHeight (for the RSS Limited component) property, in modules.

Note, in order to draw the contiguous separator pattern, both the Show2DSeparator and the Link2D properties must be set to true.

See also the "Composite symbol" section in the "TBarcodeFmx2D_RSS14", "TBarcodeFmx2D_RSSLimited", and "TBarcodeFmx2D_RSSExpanded" articles.