Monitor - Clients

For each successful synchronization, the Net Time Server & Client displays the local clock offset and the round trip delay as a line chart in this page. To access this "Monitor - Clients" page, select the "Monitor" item then select the "Clients" item from the tree menu on the left side of the "Main window".


Press the button to display the "Setup" panel. In the panel, you can change the display settings that affect the line chart. For example, you can choose the line chart series in the series tree to display. Also, you can change the text colour, background colour, etc. for the line chart. Please see the figure below.


You can click the legend in the line chart to change the series colour, but the new colour settings will be lost when you exit the program. You may click the "Apply" button to save the new series colour settings.


The "Setup" button will be displayed as "Finish" when the "Setup" panel is displaying. Press the "Finish" button to close the "Setup" panel.


With this button you will accept and save current configuration.


With this button you will cancel current configuration and rollback to previous one.