In the page, the Net Time Server & Client lists all plug-ins that they are installed, and allows you to install new plug-ins, to delete or run existing ones. To access this "Plug-ins" page, select the "Plug-ins" item from the tree menu on the left side of the "Main window".


All plug-ins that they are installed will be displayed in this list. To run the plug-ins, check on the boxes to the left of the plug-ins you wish to run and click on the "Apply" button. To stop the plug-ins, check off the boxes to the left of the plug-ins you wish to stop and click the "Apply" button. Also, the plug-ins that they are checked will automatically run when you launch the program. The context menu will be displayed when you right click in the list box, it contains some submenu items for quick operation.


Click on the button to specify a plug-in file for installing it.


Click on the button to remove all of the highlighted plug-ins from the plug-ins list.


If the plug-in that is highlighted in the plug-ins list is configurable, when it is runing, this "Setup" button wii be enabled and you can click on it in order to open the corresponding "Setup" dialog box and to configure this plug-in.


With this button you will accept and save current plug-ins configuration.


With this button you will cancel current plug-ins configuration and rollback to previous one.