Method: PrintSize - Syntax 2

Returns actual size of a rotated barcode symbol in millimeters. The barcode symbol is specified in the parameters of this method.



{ Defined in the pCore1D unit }

TBarcodeTextDefine = record

DisplayText: TDisplayText;

TextPosition: TTextPosition;

TextAlignment: TTextAlignment;

TextFont: TFont;

ExtraFontSize: Integer;


function PrintSize(var TotalWidth, TotalHeight, SymbolWidth, SymbolHeight: Double; Barcode: string; AutoCheckDigit: Boolean; BarcodeTextDefine: TBarcodeTextDefine; Ratio: Double; Module: Double = 0; BarcodeWidth: Double = 0; BarcodeHeight: Double = 0; Angle: Integer = 0; HDPI: Integer = 0; VDPI: Integer = 0): Integer; overload; virtual;


The method returns the actual size of a rotated barcode symbol that is specified by parameters of this method, in millimeter.

Note, if the Display field of BarcodeTextDefine parameter isn't set to dtNone, pelase use the method between Printer.BeginDoc and Printer.EndDoc methods, and the printer must be connected to your computer.


See diagram:

PrintSize (Syntax 2)


For Delphi 3, the method overload and default value of parameter aren't supported, so the method name is changed to PrintSize2, and the parameters Module, BarcodeWidth, BarcodeHeight, Angle, HDPI, and VDPI are required.