Record: TBarcodeTextDefine

It contains fields to specify the parameters (e.g. position, alignment , etc.) for the human readable text. It is defined in the pCore1D unit.

The record is used in the following methods:

For DrawTo (Syntax 2), DrawTo (Syntax 3), Print (Syntax 2), and Print (Syntax 3) methods, it specifies how to present the human readable text.

For DrawToSize (Syntax 2), DrawToSize (Syntax 3), PrintSize (Syntax 2), and PrintSize (Syntax 3) methods, it's used to calculate the size of the human readable text and the width of quiet zone marks (only for TBarcode1D_UPCA, TBarcode1D_UPCE, TBarcode1D_UPCE0, TBarcode1D_UPCE1, TBarcode1D_EAN2, TBarcode1D_EAN5, TBarcode1D_EAN8, and TBarcode1D_EAN13 barcode components).

For the DrawToSize (Syntax 2) and DrawToSize (Syntax 3) methods, if the Canvas parameter isn't provided or its value is nil, this record will be ignored.



{ Defined in the pCore1D unit }

TDisplayText = (dtNone, dtBarcode, dtFullEncoded);

{ Defined in the pCore1D unit }

TTextPosition = (tpTopIn, tpTopOut, tpBottomIn, tpBottomOut);

{ Defined in the pCore1D unit }

TTextAlignment = (taLeft, taCenter, taRight, taJustify, taLeftQuietZone, taCenterQuietZone, taRightQuietZone, taJustifyQuietZone, taCustom);

{ Defined in the pCore1D unit }

TBarcodeTextDefine = record
DisplayText: TDisplayText;
TextPosition: TTextPosition;
TextAlignment: TTextAlignment;
TextFont: TFont;
ExtraFontSize: Integer;