Method: Save

Save current barcode symbol in the barcode component to an image file. The barcode component is specified by the Barcode2D property.


function Save(FilePath: string): Integer; virtual;


The method saves the barcode symbol to the image file. The barcode symbol is defined in the barcode component that's specified by the Barcode2D property. Also, the TImage component isn't required in the Image property of the barcode component.

For the TBarcode2D_CCA, TBarcode2D_CCB, and TBarcode2D_CCC barcode components, if the Linear property is set, the 2D symbol and the linear symbol are assembled to generate an EAN.UCC composite barcode symbol. Only the 2D portion will be saved in the image file now.

An OnSave event will occur before save the barcode symbol to picture file. And an OnSaved event will occur after the barcode symbol is saved.


This method can return one of these values (these consts are defined in the pSave2D unit):