Property: Barcode2D

Links a TBarcode2D component to the TSave2D component in order to save the barcode symbol to a picture file.


property Barcode2D: TBarcode2D;


Use the Barcode2D property to specify a TBarcode2D component such as the TBarcode2D_QRCode, the TBarcode2D_PDF417, and the TBarcode2D_RSS14. Then execute the Save method will save the barcode symbol specified by the 2D barcode component to a picture file.

For the TBarcode2D_CCA, TBarcode2D_CCB, and TBarcode2D_CCC barcode components, if its Linear property is set, the 2D symbol and the linear symbol are assembled to generate an EAN.UCC composite barcode symbol. Only the 2D portion will be saved in the picture file now.

The TBarcode2D_MaxiCode component is not supported now.