Free downloads

All products are available here for download in Shareware versions. You can freely download and install these products on your computer for evaluation. This method allows you to try our products before you purchase them. You can evaluate a program during a trial period of 30 days after the installation without any cost or obligation. Payment is required if you have found the software to be useful or if you wish to continue using it beyond the trial period.

To purchase a product, see the Purchase section. After your order and payment, you will receive your license key or full version by automatic email.

All our Shareware programs have a fully Windows compliant uninstall procedure. It means that if you want to remove a previously installed program, you can do it easily using the built-in procedure.

You can find some others language for our shareware to download in Translations. Please extract to your install path.


RandomSite 1Site 2
1D Barcode VCL Components10.0.2.21837283
2D Barcode VCL Components10.0.2.253615769
2D Barcode FMX Components7.0.2.84936163
Auto Backup Software2.4.3.10131810
Net Time Server & Client3.2.1.23582081
Internet Secure Tunneling2.0.0.244932


RandomSite 1Site 2
1D Barcode VCL Components Manual10.0.2.2183CHM389
2D Barcode VCL Components Manual10.0.2.2536CHM1223
2D Barcode FMX Components Manual7.0.2.849CHM636