Record: TBarcodeCustomParameters

It contains fields to specify the parameters (e.g. position, size, etc.) for the barcode symbol. It is defined in the pBarcode1D unit.

The record is used in the OnDrawBarcode and OnDrawText events.



{ Defined in the pCore1D unit }

TDisplayText = (dtNone, dtBarcode, dtFullEncoded);

{ Defined in the pCore1D unit }

TTextPosition = (tpTopIn, tpTopOut, tpBottomIn, tpBottomOut);

{ Defined in the pCore1D unit }

TTextAlignment = (taLeft, taCenter, taRight, taJustify, taLeftQuietZone, taCenterQuietZone, taRightQuietZone, taJustifyQuietZone, taCustom);

{ Defined in the pBarcode1D unit }

TBarcodeCustomParameters = record
Alpha: Double;
Origin: TPoint;
Offset: TPoint;
DensityRate: Double;
FullEncoded: string;
Text: string;
DisplayText: TDisplayText;
TextPosition: TTextPosition;
TextAlignment: TTextAlignment;
TextFont: TFont;
ExtraFontSize: Integer;
LeftQuietZone_Spacing: Integer;
RightQuietZone_Spacing: Integer;
LeftQuietZone_Width: Integer;
RightQuietZone_Width: Integer;
LeftQuietText_Height: Integer;
RightQuietText_Height: Integer;
Symbol_Width: Integer;
Symbol_Height: Integer;
Symbol_V_Offset: Integer;
Symbol_H_Offset: Integer;
Total_Left: Integer;
Total_Top: Integer;
Total_Width: Integer;
Total_Height: Integer;