How to save a barcode symbol to picture file
  1. Put a TBarcode2D barcode component, such as the TBarcode2D_QRCode, TBarcode2D_PDF417, and TBarcode2D_RSS14 to your form.

  2. Put a TSave2D component, such as the TSave2D_Bmp, TSave2D_Png, and TSave2D_Svg to your form.

  3. Set the Barcode2D property of the TSave2D component to the TBarcode2D barcode component.

  4. Use the Save method of the TSave2D component to save the barcode symbol to picture file.


For the EAN.UCC compisite barcode component TBarcode2D_CCA, TBarcode2D_CCB, or TBarcode2D_CCC, if its Linear property is set, and for the TBarcode2D_MaxiCode component, please use the SaveToFile method of the TImage control that is linked to the barcode component to save the barcode symbol as a picture file.

For example:


Also, You can bind multiple TSave2D components to a TBarcode2D barcode component in order to save the barcode symbol in multipe formats.