DwinsHs_MemoDownloadInfo function

Return all files in the DwinsHs_DwonloadsList download queue, in order to display them in the Ready to Install wizard page.

You should use the function in the UpdateReadyMemo event function.


function DwinsHs_MemoDownloadInfo(Space, NewLine: String): String;



Returns all files which will be downloaded and have been downloaded.


Files which append by DwinsHs_Check in the [Files] section will do not be included, so you should use the DwinsHs_AppendRemoteFile function to append remote files to the DwinsHs_DwonloadsList download queue.

The function is avaliable only when both DwinsHs_Use_Predefined_Downloading_WizardPage and DwinsHs_Use_MemoDownloadInfo marcos are defined.